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As a solar company, we take on the responsibility to ensure all our clients have a positive experience switching to solar energy. Our team having designed multi megawatts of world-class solar pv systems, is extremely detail oriented to ensure that your solar installation is designed, constructed and maintained to maximize your return on investment (ROI). Real time data collection and string level remote monitoring of all our solar installations enables us to detect any irregularities in solar generation and identify faults at the earliest.

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CEO of SunSpark Energy, Rikhav Parikh, CFA
Rikhav Parikh, CFADirector & CEO

A clean energy enthusiast and an entrepreneur at heart, Rikhav Parikh is a chemical engineer with a Master of Science degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA. He is also a CFA charterholder. As a student Rikhav was extensively involved in research in the energy domain at the Georgia Tech Research Institute, Atlanta and has also co-authored the white paper ‘A Dynamic Multi-Attribute Approach to Regional Energy Portfolio Selection.’ 

Rikhav has founded companies in the energy sector in the USA and India. A semi-finalist at the Clean Energy Entrepreneurship Prize 2010 organised by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston, USA, he was also invited at the 23rd NREL Industry Growth Forum organised by the US Department of Energy. Rikhav has been recognised by Solar Quarter India amongst India’s 40 Most Promising Young Business Leaders in the Indian Solar Industry 2019. His mission is to help mitigate the on-going climate crisis by facilitating clean energy investments and educating power consumers on the tangible and intangible benefits of switching to clean energy.

Nivas Vallavan is a B.Tech EEE and MS (by Research) in Solar Energy. He was the Associate Director involved in training and R&D at the Steinbeis Solar Research Centre and has trained more than 1800 solar professionals around the globe. He has consulted on over 100 MW’s of solar energy projects in India and abroad.

Nivas VallavanChief Technology Advisor

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