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Is Solar Energy Renewable?

Yes. The Solar Photovoltaic or Solar PV technology produces solar energy from sunlight. The sun being an infinite source of power, unlike fossil fuels which are finite, makes solar energy a sustainable form of power generation.

How much area is required to install a solar power plant?

As a basic rule of thumb, a 1 MWp solar power plant requires 4 acres of land or 10,000 sq. metres of shadow-free rooftop area.

Can I install a solar power plant on my rooftop?

Yes, we have customized solutions to install a solar power plant on every type of roof.

Will the solar power plant perform in the monsoons?

The output of the solar power plant can be lower by upto 40%  to 60% in the monsoons. However, while studying the feasibility of your project, this lower generation during the monsoons is factored into.

How much Govt. subsidy is available for installing a solar power plant in India?

Residential consumers can avail a Govt subsidy by installing a rooftop solar power plant. The value of the subsidy granted is revised every year. Kindly get in touch with our team to get the latest information on the amount of subsidy that will be available in your area. There is no subsidy for Industrial and Commercial power consumers. However, these clients can avail the accelerated depreciation benefit on their solar power plant investment.

Will solar power generated go waste when our factory is down for maintenance?

Almost all DISCOMS in India now provide a facility called as Net-Metering to promote solar installations. Under net-metering, the client can send excess solar power generated and not utilized in real time, back to the state electricity board. These exported units, are adjusted at the end of the month in the client's electricity bill. If the exported units sent to the grid exceed the units utilized, the balance units can also be rolled-over (upto 12 months in most states) to be adjusted in the next month’s electricity bill.

What is the life of a solar power plant?

We provide only the latest and best solar technology to all our clients. Our solar panels come with a 10 year product warranty and a 25 year linear power output warranty.

How Solar Energy works?

The P-type and N-type semiconductors in the solar cell, produce a  DC current when activated by sunlight. A solar inverter then converts this DC current to an AC current which can be used to power your home.

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